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YO this be that S70B killing BIA. saying what to my crip fam all over the world and any S70Bz got something to say come to me. FUCC All S70BZ

A Crips Poem

C`s high b`s die
A dead bird cant fly in my tru sky
Chitty Chitty bang bang
Nuttin but a Crip thang
Wont stop Cant stop
Till my tru Casket drop
Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust
In Cripz we trust and slobs we bust
Let it rain let it drip let a slob kno that i claim CRIP,
Let it rain let it thunder bury a slob nicca 6 feet under,
Let it rain let it flood, let a Crip kill a Blood,
Kill a slob and win a prize
Kill a Crip ya whole family dies


Let it rain let it flood

Let a crip kill a blood

Let it rain, let it drip

Kill a slob cuz I claim crip

Let it rain let it thunda bury a slob 6 feet unda

When I die sho no pity send my soil to gangsta city

6 flyin 5 dyin

6 poppin 5 droppin

Cant stop wont stop

Bk all day everday  till my blu casket drops

Throw tha c's up and the b's down

Fucc all slobs kill em wit my knife

Bk all day everyday